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At Barry Insurance Group, we are a business insurance firm that plans and administers cost-effective property, casualty, and benefits programs as brokers and consultants. We're eager to help you find the right solutions for your team!

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, ethics, integrity and honesty. We offer a consultative, hands on approach and function as a back office for the client and we strive day in and day out to accomplish this mission by adhering to rigid moral, professional and ethical standards in all of our business practices.

A company built on ethics and morals

We understand that all companies are not made the same and we're dedicated to making a difference in a personal, committed way. We can always provide superior, cost-effective business products and services that will meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective clients. Through everything, we always strive for the highest professional excellence

Services that will meet all of your business needs

Whether you want a quote or some trustworthy advice, we're always here.

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